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Advertise In Times Of Crisis

All years back little presents get customers gaining effect of promotional items especially in times of economic crises in importance. While newspaper ads, radio or TV spots, are only two-dimensional and rather fleetingly perceived a suitable promotional is presented at the right time, in the long-term positive memories. Because based on this personal contact existing […]

Affiliate Marketing

The 123energie discovered affiliate marketing as a new sales channel Ludwigshafen, Germany, April 19, 2009 in addition to the successful clients advertise customers action”123energie has now launched a Germany-wide affiliate marketing program in the life. Who runs a Web site, regardless of whether for business or pleasure, has the opportunity to become a distributor of […]

Octacounter LED

Octacounter LED luminous counter systems as a highlight for any visitor of LA CONCEPT the Octacounter LED is the Premiumthekenlosung with integrated lighting. Thus the advertising message cannot be presented not only large, but moved directly into the right light. Due to the simple design, the counter can be installed within a few minutes without […]

LED Light Frame

Poster frames or LED lights frame can and posters posters present effective and high-quality or high quality to present poster, there are several ways – whether classic in the indoor branding with frames or as a neon sign with LED-light frame exterior. Frames – big mouth and much behind this so-called frames are available in […]


There’s longer life in comeback of the postcard as a customer loyalty tool the breakfast buffet is served on time? Get fresh flowers at reception? The family room 42 received the additional bed for children? Fish cutlery and wine glasses are polished? The series of questions and tasks, Hotel Manager, pension Manager or restaurant owners […]

Russia Action

Was developed and implemented in advance of a multi-level action, covering the audience in an emotional moment of choosing and buying Christmas presents. Prior to the largest shopping and entertainment complexes Cities protesters were branded bank Santas with bags full of gifts and boxes – “Now, enough for all gifts. Thanks Home Credit Bank “, […]

Limits Of Advertising

In my opinion, in today's world there is nothing more powerful and almost absolutely limited than advertising. Many journalists have been inclined to believe that advertising can be called if no weapons of mass destruction, to the fourth power in the media is already falls short. The most important aspect of process of advertising is […]

The Franchisee

Therefore, the franchisor can not cancel regular payments: if the expansion and development franchise will lose all meaning. Do not yield to such situations? Of course there is! The solution – general purpose output is a more flexible interaction between franchisor and franchisees on the basis of strategic plans and their performance. Thus, the very […]