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Venice Film Festival

The first responses to the film “Euphoria” by Ivan Vyrypayev, shown at the Venice Film Festival (What an honor!), Human resources, flashed on tv, discouraging effect on me: all the same thing as “The Island” or “bastards” on poetics. Reflection successful authors, transferred to the unfortunate characters who are humiliated in every way, and for […]

Tom Hanks

So the basic idea in the movie that you should be able to avoid bad pendulums, not communicate with them or so if he is trapped in them as soon as possible to go from there. The idea and demonstrated in the face of Forrest: he generally avoided the bad companies. Although he once served […]

Poor Quality

I hate the movies as a user in bad quality, for example, or CamRip ts.Filmy as such spoil your eyes and they very often extraneous sounds. I can not watch such films. But if a movie premier that we do? Each user wants to download a movie and even as such just to see. But […]

What’s New Film On The Internet

Changing world of cinema. He essentially can not be static. News, regularly occur, make regular films, played by many movie stars. Keep up with all this is not so easy. Buy all the films, have created – a difficult task, and even though there are other ways to watch a movie. Much easier to download […]

Sundance Film Festival

Jackson. The actor also appears in the clip Hope artist Twista – the soundtrack for the film. These are followed by subtle roles in the movies: a young man in a church in "War of the Worlds" Steven Spielberg (uncredited his name is not specified as the scene was cut from the final version of […]