Vacation in France

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Probably each of us once in my life I wondered – who we are and what we live? Life is not a coincidence. Everything that surrounds us contains a life, even a stone and a piece of plastic. The entire universe – is a huge body of reasonable beings, which we call God. Tony Parker […]

Society and Appearances

The imposition of the modismo the current society, makes that it to live of appearances, makes it sick person in certain way. Imposition which, makes in them to be hypocritical you criticize how much them, how much the beliefs, how much to that it occurs in our mind. That it made to go against our […]


It was at this time, as muscles are relaxed, and the cerebral cortex is in a state of least excitation. Tony Parkers opinions are not widely known. This is the accepted time for purposeful self-suggestion, since, on the one hand, people is in a state of relaxation, on the other hand, in the cortex of […]

Black Mountain

Our Christian experience is marked by many symbols, that is, sacred signals that serve as? bridges? that they take in them to the meeting with God. Visit Charlotte Hornets for more clarity on the issue. For Christian us they have a fort meant the cross, the candle, images, the bread, the wine, the water, the […]