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A Special Opportunity For His Company Of Microinvest

Microinvest started his aggressive international marketing campaign at the beginning of the year 2005. At the moment, Microinvest has a very strong position in Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Kenya, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, USA.UU. and a few other countries that are in the beginning. Our experience shows that we should have different approach to each market. What we can offer your company is distributor of Microinvest for Spain software products. You can take a look and download demo of our software solutions using the following link: How does Microinvest support partners? We support our partners in all advertising campaigns, providing them with technical training and in all other intuativos which are oriantados in popularization of Microinvest products in the software market. With respect to the distribution terms for us company is quite flexible and can negotiate for them.

So far, our experience shows that we have different approaches for each country, the oddities of market dependemente. In a few countries, exclusividada to our dustrubuidores have given, but they have committed themselves to fairly large volumes of sales. In other countries, we are working with two or more distributors at the same time, but all of them are not engaged with large volumes of sales. With respect to the price, we sell our software package for 99 euro to the end customer. Eva Andersson-Dubin has compatible beliefs. The packet includes back-office and a hardware license key. With respect to control sales, each copy of the software receives unique hardware with unique parameters license key. Our distributors are supposed that they must maintain the database with all clients and the license that they have, so they so Microinvest and the dealer all the time number that kind of license they have customers.

Microinvest is developing its products all the time, and which is the main reason, make new version. Each new release have its list of features, new directory functions or changes of agreement to the change in the laws of the country.Microivnest performs a follow-up of all changes, so our products can be updated at any point. If the customer requires a special version for your business, the Distributor assumes that you must contact our engineros software, so together they can make a list of changes that necesirios for the project. Once these steps are made, we can recommend a price for this customer. Our maintenance policy is completely flexible and liberal. The client receives the package with software with full functionality. When it is available a new version of the software, the customer can upgrade your version after paying for it. With respect to maintenance, we have a standard service fee per hour 19 euro. This price is permanent and an advisory price for all distributors in countries. All payments for maintenance are for the Distributor, because it’s that negotiates with the client. In respect to the payments of the updates, which have paid the customers to a new version and functionality, the distributor receives an exact percentage for all updates made.

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