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Alexei Pasha

Exercise 3: In this exercise, you should play, drawing alternating fingers i and m, but not on one side, and a string. 1) i will hook your finger first string based on the second. 2) Finger m – the second building on 3, and so on. 3) When you reach the last string – move opposite direction. Exercise 4: 1) Turn on the metronome, set the pace 40. 2) Put your right hand in the standard position, that is, each finger has its string. 3) Play without the support of third, second, then the first string with your fingers i, m, a respectively. 4) After the first string played out, again, substitute all of your fingers on its strings. Left hand. The left hand presses the strings you are on certain frets, thus changing the length of sounding of the string (of point of contact with the neck to the upper nut). This allows you to retrieve various notes. Work with your left hand requires a special approach. The main problem is the weakness of the fingers (especially the pinky), so they must be coaching. You can do this by using the following exercises: Exercise 1:

1) Put the fingers of his left hand on the first string. Each finger, its own way. (1 finger on I fret, second fret on the ii, etc) 2) tweak i first string with your finger right hand, and then, as would tear off the little finger. Third finger at the same time should remain on the string. 3) Then tear off the third finger (without the involvement of the right hand), then a second. On the string must remain the first finger, pressed it on the first fret. Such a device called downward slurs, it is often used in the game and helps to take notes without the help of his right hand. Exercise 2 Now try to fulfill the rising legato. This inverse method. 1) Put a finger of his left hand on the I way. and Remove the sound of your right hand. 2) Then ‘hit’ of the second finger of his left hand on the next fret. Further, third-and 3, the fourth-through 4. In this case, all the fingers should remain on the string. Exercise 3 play mixed legato is combined ascending and descending slurs, following each other. These three exercises will help you develop the tenacity and strength of your fingers, repeat them until you start to implement them without stammering. In the course of training may have pain and unpleasant sensations on the fingertips of his left hand is a quick pass, but do not overdo it, do not train through pain. The next lesson requires that you already feel comfortable enough in the game. Article Alexei Pasha.

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