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Aluminum Composite Panel

Insulating mass is protected on both sides facing (profiled galvanized and painted polymer, steel) fibers, creating, among other things, additional structural rigidity. Without a doubt, the sandwich panels can be called a near perfect construction material. Judge for yourself: what else material can boast that does not require additional finishing? The fact that you can choose any color and various design decisions? And even with such excellent performance characteristics, providing feasibility of various structural design solutions. Another important quality – hygiene panels. Because of this, as well as ease of maintaining cleanliness, they are actively used in construction of food establishments, which are particularly important these characteristics. Not limited to the use of sandwich panels in the construction of private homes. The widest range of colors and finishes of panels under the tree, granite, stone and other materials will allow you to build just such a house of which you dreamed.

Aluminum Composite Panel (alucobond) Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) – facade material, gaining increasing popularity in the construction and restoration of buildings, designing interiors, producing original designs for outdoor advertising. This is, unquestionably, the best solution when you need to give the building a modern look for as soon as possible at a reasonable price, while realizing the most ambitious designs. Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is a kind of "sandwich" consisting of two aluminum sheets and laminated between plastic or mineral layer. The width of the panels – up to 1600 mm, length – up to 6000 mm, thickness – from 2 to 6 mm. In Russia there are strict building codes, due to harsh and sometimes unpredictable climatic conditions. Therefore, facing facade material should possess the following quality characteristics: durability, fire resistance, resistance to aggressive environment and uv radiation, rigidity and lightness, high-performance sound absorption and vibration control, aesthetics, ease of handling and speed of installation.

All these characteristics are aluminum composite panels. Siding panels (siding) siding panels help to solve several construction and finishing problems: freezing walls and unattractive appearance of the facade. Combining aesthetic and applied solely a function siding panels filled with foam to help insulate the building, and sometimes just to radically change its appearance. In siding panels, polyurethane foam filler 15 mm thick with one side covered sheet metal from an alloy steel, and with another – with aluminum foil. Foil, thickness 1.4 mm, and has a reflective vapor barrier properties. Siding panels filled with polyurethane foam does not transmit cold air, but also delays the pair of moisture. The panels can withstand temperature fluctuations from -60 to +100 degrees. Foam filler does not support combustion and are very well combined with any waterproofing material. Particularly effective are Removable slab of polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of external walls of the loggia, balconies, porches, attics. Insulation and sheathing siding cottages – is the salvation for old and rickety houses. Siding system is not only warm a holiday home, but will give it a chic look. Thus, the main advantages of siding panels: impact resistance, high heat and sound insulating properties, moisture resistance, ease of installation and aesthetic appearance. More information about the sandwich panels, aluminum composite panels and siding panels can be found at

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