Vacation in France

American Idol

Sarah was already convinced of not been supposed to be, because the display was also that the application can not be sent back. But then came the big surprise. Two weeks after the deadline then suddenly came a call of the modeling agency and then went as Sarah says, everything very quickly. The Agency wanted that Sarah should come to Hamburg the next day for a before casting. Of course she made herself the next day on the way there and then, the surprise was perfect. Unimaginable, but on the same day, Sarah was already in the final, which was held in Frankfurt two days later.

Of course, comparisons with other major Castingsshows are loud at such castings. “Germany sucht den superstar” or even pop stars”have done it as fast one by a Hartz IV recipient to a superstar or a jeans seller to No Angel” can be. Sarah is nevertheless convinced that it can not compare with the model contest American Idol. Although also a jury was there and the television was represented, however, was quite different. There were 10 finalists from about 4,000 applicants from all over Germany in the final.

In Neckermann Studios, where the final took place, one was then styled after the other. In jeans, top of elite and high heels Photos were then made by each candidate. Then the jury to the consultancy withdrew then, to determine the winner for Germany. Every time, whether it is for a modeling contest, or an Ausbildugsstelle, of course always a piece resonates with hope to be taken. At Sarah also? “When you realize that perhaps has a chance this thing” to get? Of course you realize that in a competition quickly if the jury wants to see one again. It was at Sarah. She had to during the consultation phase before the jury appear, because it again exactly eye-she”wanted. But really could and wanted to she still can’t believe also in the victory. It happened then but still. Sarah Maurer won the elite model competition in Germany. Of course she was happy riess- and also the recognition of her family and friends was great. Even the local press covered the event. (A valuable related resource: movie actress). Actually you could mean that competition and profit already exciting in and for Germany, and enough of the thing was, but No, Sarah was allowed to compete in the international elite model competition. Of course can be seen in something like this as a great honor, finally, Sarah Maurer Germany represented.

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