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Apartment Work

Some use the repair specialists are quick and inexpensive to embody the ideas and wishes of the owner in life and, perhaps, offer a separate project. Under any circumstances, due to systematics operations, giving the desired result, there is everywhere. This rule does not apply to repairs because it is a disaster on the scale apartments. Variety repair liberation from annoying situation Apartment help redecorating the apartment, made her a fresh, new trends and assigns individual hiding defects. It involves the destruction of the old walls and building new ones in accordance with the project, change in the ceiling and floor, replacement of electrical and water systems, installation of sanitary facilities and the subsequent work on finishing. Repair the power to change completely flat.

Apart from the above work, when it also placed ceilings, heated floors and held other facing works. The first step to start it is desirable to establish the planned scope of work. Implementation of cosmetic repairs less labor-intensive operation than major repairs, but in some cases it is not enough. Redesign needs to agree with Moszhilniiproektom. In order to allow designing rebuild homes, to save a whole pile of papers, which inter alia includes a letter from the BTI, still need to show documentation on how clear your title to the house. If the owner does not have living space of time and hunt with his own worn by offices, he can always popolzovavshis offers companies which do this job for him.

At the present day, most companies offer repair services for rescheduling agreement. Redesign of housing without the authorization of the end result can lead to difficulties, especially in time of the sale of housing, as housing will not fit the data specified in the certificate of BTI. Step 2: The beginning of this stage is to create a design project and the purchase of materials required. By and large, this work again allowed to entrusting a person engaged in the repair of apartments and materials to furnish the apartment better all others. Allowed to independently investigate the composition of construction materials offered by the market and take a closer look what is needed. In this case, you will get are exactly the wallpaper, which had long wanted to glue the walls of housing and handles on doors will look like the right time. When intelligibly predetermined task finishes, made a design project and left behind all the problems of training of repair, you can bravely taken for preparation work. According to the project can be complex work such as dismantling the door, the dismantling of ties, the unit interior partitions, installation of sewer communications systems, heating systems hot and cold water, adjusting the air conditioner and outdoor unit, walls and ceiling. Step 3: This step primarily involves maintenance work on the redesign. On the ceiling and walls glued reinforcing film tinkering smart shelves and decorate the gaps, put sills, is Shpatlevanie ceiling and walls, electrical wiring is laid and put socket is whitewashing ceilings or suspended installation, tiling tiles. Stage 4 is the last step of repair apartments, it's time to work at what is laid laminate flooring, carpet or linoleum, painted walls and ceiling, glued wallpaper, plumbing equipment is installed, put plinth, set into cabinets and decorated home.

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