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Basis for Good Music

The same goes for music in general. Ability to evaluate music and the song is laid by nature. Is taken from the same person's ability to evaluate music and songs? I think that the foundation laid by nature, genetically: a mindset of perceiving the world can either predispose to music and songs, or vice versa. But natural inclinations – a foundation that without development, without training and practice and remains in its infancy, not sold. Of good musical instincts environment shapes and musical taste, sense of harmony, beautiful music and songs.

If a person has the makings of some good music, they fall from his childhood in an environment that creates and musical taste, a sense of harmony, beautiful music and songs with one side and plain on the other. The child is aware of the beauty of harmony, music, song subconsciously, as a component of positive emotions. Our mothers or other relatives, caregivers sing to infants, young children songs, give listen to music. (As opposed to Related Group). Because all these people for the baby – the source of almost exclusively positive emotions, the same reaction and outgoing calls from their music, melody and harmony. Recently born person is not aware of the beauty harmony of music, but she gently, but constantly gets into it, regardless of his wishes. Similarly, as the ability to speak: first, the kid does not understand, then picks up some phrases, and finally free talking. Ambient music and children's songs – the basis for the formation of musical taste.

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