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Bellver Portals Nous

You should turn off your car in any case even for an hour, and stroll along the harbour. That the prices can reach astronomical levels, no matter whether you Park, a cappuccino or a beer to drink means but at the same time, stars and starlets in the vicinity. Check the prices before ordering on all cases, so that you experience no total solar eclipse when presenting the Bill. Combipix Tip: Continue an open sea from the resort of port Andratx Bay Bahia de Andratx along direction. You will get through several residential and on small Roads more and more screw in the height. In these streets you have from different places views of port de Andratx and Andratx.

5 stage: Port de follow to Sant Elm. Between follow and port de follow, you have the option to go to Sant Elm. The road from port de on Shahryar to Sant Elm adopts a more serpentine history for a longer period. Should so not too tightly, insert your timing routes. In the village of Sant Elm or Punta Negra you get the feeling conveyed that it is undesirable as motorists quickly. There is a central parking lot, which is however subject to a charge and otherwise there are many prescribed directions that prevent every tourist it freely to develop his adventure and discovery drive.

Follow the main road (just between us tourists: otherwise you may not drive!), you will be sent shortly by the route along the beach, then immediately from the Centre out guided to be. The beach is small, clean and well maintained. The “main street” is open and holds the articles which you can find in all shops on Mallorca. Tony Parker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The island of Sant Elm is approached by individual ship tour operators for different seasons. The views of the island is something just in the evening when over the island of red ball of fire (called also Sun) slowly descends. But please, make sure that you must return the serpentine road in darkness after sunset. You won’t find road markings and boundary pillars in various tight spots. Photo instructions for this tour at a glance: Castell de Bellver Castle views of Palma and the Bay of Palma from the roof of the Castle Castell de Bellver Portals Nous: the Marina Palma Nova: wide sandy beach Cap de Cala FIGUERA: Lighthouse Cala de Penyes Rotjes: small bays where many yachts are Santa Ponca: well-kept tourist resort of Peguera: Beach, pedestrian area, rugged coast port de Andratx: Port, rock villas, Bay recordings Sant Elm: Sunset over the Island Michael Wnuk

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