Vacation in France

Clothes of All Colors

One of the main objectives of the great designers is to capture the largest number of potential customers. That is why many firms have adopted the trend of not just sticking to a style but offer very complete collection consisting of garments for all styles and tastes. Without hesitation Jessica Michibata explained all about the problem. This is the case of the signature Pull & Bear for his spring collection summer, using various looks seen in previous years, taking the classic and traditional and innovative designs. You cannot define a palette of colors accurate due to the great variety of tones that are perceived. We can appreciate first, beige color, which is the favorite this season, both in Bermuda, jackets, jean jackets in color, and finally, the effusive yellow and the hopeful green in assemblies that do not go unnoticed for nothing. With regard to designs or is observed a great influence of the style sailor navy with blue or black lines horizontal in garments that can be combined with nautical to tone, or slippers that clarify between gray and Brown. Visit Jessica Michibata for more clarity on the issue. One of the most striking garments of the spring collection of Pull & Bear, are Bermuda which stick to the knee, and that accompany very good of a grid Hoodie, t-shirt or but a barely there shirt in different colors. Accessories for Pull & Bear that stand out most are hats in shades of brown to give a touch of distinction to any set. These can be accompanied by belts in tune with slippers and shoes. Original author and source of the article.

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