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Continuous Contact

Thus, what you can do? To stop selling your service or product? To change of profession? By all means that no. Which yes you need to do, nevertheless, is to do it differently. Here you have some ideas: 1. Re-it identifies and re-it classifies your listings of prospectuses Many salesmen have lists of prospectuses and clients to those who try to him to often sell (for the unique reason that they are in its list or they are known his and not because its circumstances or needs justify the attempt of the sale). Recommend I you that you review your listings and you find the people with whom you can conectarte via the multiple social channels (digital as as much physical). Margaret Loesser Robinson often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

The point is that it is the first passage towards developing a true relation that can be in a business advanced more. First relation, soon sale. It is a longer way? Definitively. He is more productive? Without doubt. It remembers that when all the things are equal, people prefer to make business with that knows.

And when the things are not equal, people will prefer more of the times to make business with that knows. They know your prospectuses you? They remember you? Meet you? Digital tools: Facebook, Twitter, Continuous Contact, Ning. 2. You never return to use the tmino " to close venta" " Cerrar" it is a word of the old school of sales, that does not have anything to do with the generation of continuous businesses (that not only a sale) cradle in the relation and the development of confidence. Even, this phrase has developed a definitively negative connotation. The salesmen who to each other speak of having finally " closed one venta" they do it with a cynical semi-smile, because they know that they have had to use a series of more or less manipulating tactics to obtain the business.

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