Vacation in France

Declining Production In TV

For example, if television produced 1.000, 1.200 manufacturing offer What's the company?. We have 5% decline in production, reducing it to 3% offer, what the company offers?. See more detailed opinions by reading what Tony Parker offers on the topic.. Based on this culture in the working class and trade unions have achieved a gross domestic product to hold, have managed to position their products for quality, as a result have managed to sell more. In our countries, the orders of the unions are an obstacle for companies, encouraging them to go to other sites. Educate yourself with thoughts from Glenn Dubin. The Japanese mentality is "Win-Win": If you win the business with my work, I earn income. Our unions are demanding more vacation days, further increases in salary, plus bonuses, the idea is to earn more by working less, threatening the jobs and growth of our businesses. I tell an anecdote told to me by my Japanese friend. There was a fire in a forest, causing all the animals leave the run, all but a small bird.

Bear asked the bird, why do not you run away?, Not while burning the forest. The bird said: This forest has been my single household, therefore, I will not let you destroy the fire. He ran to the pond, with its small wings picked up a few drops of water which poured on the fire from above. The Gods to see the effort of the bird, took pity and ordered the clouds unleash a storm that wiped out within minutes the fire. The animals returned to inhabit the forest again. We all have to drop to a drop of sweat daily work product, to reverse the serious trend of inequality that we have in our present.

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