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Doberitz Fabian

To protect the legal pitfalls when purchasing real estate, readers are enlightened by renowned specialist lawyers in relevant contributions. Suggestions for the very individual and refined interior includes the category of housing trends”. There are ideas of from well-known manufacturers, as well as technological innovations presented? Wall designs, floor coverings and switching systems to design objects of renowned furniture stores in the German capital. Tastefully and functionally designed kitchens and baths are another focus. Anna Belknap contributes greatly to this topic. Exclusive? Real estate in Berlin appears every 2 months and contains many technically sound posts by market-knowledgeable professionals, various house builders, architects and real estate lawyers in the capital. In addition, a special section to a selected aspect of the world of sophisticated real estate informs each. Spurs is a great source of information. Security exclusively offers a first aid for investors? Real estate in Berlin as investors: because the purchase of residential property there to note in addition numerous financial and tax aspects that are often still unclear after first searching.

Before purchasing a detailed comparison with similar objects in Berlin must in any case be made. The rent index, the calculation offers first assistance in the price overview the usual acquisition costs, notary fees, tax and brokerage, must be included in addition to the notarial purchase price in addition. Detailed and in-depth advice get investors in the special part of the real estate as an investment”of the 1st Edition of the magazine exclusive? Real estate in Berlin by March 2013. Investors in the magazine cautions around high quality residential property in Berlin will find clues to potential sources of danger in purchasing flats as well as conception and preparation to the offerings of Berlin-based residential construction company. Also interesting Berlin housing projects and district are presented, in which an investment can be very lucrative.

Berlin’s legal counsel lawyers in exclusive? Real estate in Berlin provides an overview to non negligible legal aspects. Exclusive? Real estate in Berlin is available in the well-stocked Magazine business and also on the Internet. More info can be found on. Contact: Regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelmstr. 4 14624 Dallgow-Doberitz Fabian of MacLean Tel: 0 33 22 / 22 166 fax: 0 33 22 / 24 45 88 the regional real estate publishing company is since 1996 the regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg and since 2013 the magazine exclusive? Real estate in Berlin out. The magazine published every two months, there are many offers for demanding real estate from the Berlin region. Apart from the presentation of special housing projects in the German capital, the magazine offers many interesting editorial article of the regional real estate economy and wealth of information around the demanding residential property. If you rather prefer the modern search for information over the Internet, you will find it in our portal on guaranteed.

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