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Donna Karan New York

The scent of the Big Apple for years asserted itself the successful U.S. Designer Donna Karan with their creations. In fashion as well as in the world of fragrances their trendier Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is one of the leading labels. The online store is dedicated to the most popular fragrance creations of the New Yorker. Donna Karan established in the fashion world amongst black as a base color and shaped the style of countless women with its versatile modular mix of garments for business and evening wear.

DKNY be delicious is a distinctive perfume, whose Apple-shaped Flakon stands, for the metropolis of New York. The fragrance provides spring mood with its sweet notes of Apple, flowers and warm Woods. Also, the fragrance DKNY TO exudes GO fruity aromas. In the top notes, Mandarin, Orange and tomato leaf merge into a captivating unit. In the heart of the Donna Karan relies on an oasis of flower: fine notes of cassia, Heliotrope, jasmine, narcissus, Orchid, rose, water lily and ylang ylang are among the ingredients of perfume.

The basis of birch, patchouli, leather shades, amber and sandalwood. All scents of the trendier radiate the soul of the city and can be easily ordered over the Internet. Click Steve Salis for additional related pages. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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