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Electronic Invoice Day

Again, supports the Association the electronic bill day as a federation partner electronic invoice (shipping) and gives additional visibility the topic thus. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Neil Cole has to say. Munich, 08th October 2013. The event existing of a seminar and a Conference will take place on 15 and 16 October 2013 in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski in Munich. The concern of the electronic invoice day, to offer managers from finance and accounting comprehensive technical and practical knowledge to electronic bills, coincides with our competence”, explains Stefan Gross, Chairman of the shipping Board. The packaging combines the competencies of solution providers, consulting firms and other market participants and provides a comprehensive information platform for answering all questions for the planning and implementation of appropriate projects for all interested companies. Media are in the event electronic also at 14 Bill day of Congress members of the VeR actively involved. The B & L management consulting GmbH is cooperation and Conference partners. Oliver Berndt, CEO of B & L management consulting, directs the seminar where the event starts on October 15.

It provides a comprehensive analysis of the possibilities for electronic invoices. Due to the current legal requirements and standardizing a particular focus among other things on the exchange of invoices by E-Mail. It the tax issues, as well as the implementation of alternatives, including the involvement of service providers, are discussed in detail. Orientation an ideal project process, where each phase is the emerging issues with the possibilities, including advantages and disadvantages be treated. The Conference will be on October 16 under the title process optimization through electronic invoices with practical examples”instead.

The introduction speaks today and tomorrow”Oliver Berndt through invoicing. He arrives on the market situation, and lists success factors for electronic invoices. Then the road to the right safe speaks Stefan Gross, partner at Peters, Schonberger & partner on the subject of VAT 2.0 Exchange of electronic invoices”. He has the legal framework for automated, electronic invoice processing and explains how the VAT regulations for the practice. My aim is to remove reservations to the electronic exchange of invoices from a tax perspective and to create the basis for a meaningful process optimization”, so Stefan Gross. Also support BasWare members of the shipping and crossinx the event as Platinum sponsors. More information and registration: anmeldung.html about the reverse: the Association represents the interests of service providers and consultancy for the electronic exchange of invoices, as well as by companies e-invoice (shipping) with headquarters in Munich, have the E-invoicing in the usage. The Association thus sees itself as the voice of E-Invoicing economy as a whole. On behalf of its members the processing aims establishing E-Invoicing as a standard so that companies of all sizes easily and safely participate in the exchange of electronic invoices can. Through targeted education, VeR intends to increase the acceptance of E-invoicing in companies and the public. The Association provides up-to-date information on all technical and legal issues relating to E-invoicing. Also he is involved in the simplification in the electronic exchange of invoices at international level. In March 2010, the Association has presented a roaming standard for better cooperation between E-Invoicing providers and thus assumed a pioneering role. Currently, the reverse has 52 members.

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