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Face Clean Disease

Currently, many people have problems with the skin. Shine, dry skin, blackheads, redness, acne – it’s just some of the problems with the skin of your face. Probably every second finds on his face one of the drawbacks. For assistance, try visiting Ken Kao. That certainly can not disappoint you in the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror. Without a doubt, everyone wants to have a perfect skin, and be attractive. Now you’re in the market can find many tools that promise to solve all your problems with your skin forever. But often, the use of these funds does not come the promised effect, and in the worst case situation is getting worse. The way we live, what we eat and where spend time with, reflect on our face in the first place and is a litmus test, showing us that something needs to change.

So what is the cause of the problems with the skin on your face and why there are annoying problems? poor diet, stress and nervous stress, external environmental factors, liver disease, bowel disease, gallbladder disease, pancreatic disease, kidney disease, smoking, alcohol. This is a list of the main negative factors affecting the condition of skin. If you have any problems with the above authorities, should consult a doctor, get tested and get treatment. C other factors, you can handle yourself. Recommendations to improve the skin: – more fresh air – get rid of bad habits (alcohol, smoking) – try to eat healthy (do not eat before sleep, reduce your intake of fatty, sweet, starchy foods, fried, hot, eat more fruits and vegetables, take vitamins) – Try not to worry (PCC natural sedatives – Leonurus); These simple event will not only improve your mood and lift spirits, but also save you from skin problems for a few days!

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