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Any mature software is self-contained and optimized for one or more specific purposes – standalone systems with all necessary functionality. Therefore, it is logical to manage all documents in the company E.g. with a certified DMS system and tamper-proof archive. But why use a proven document management system with various other specialist software’ link and trigger the DMS functionality from elsewhere? Integration of DocuWare resulted from practice answers this question our customers have: you need a user-friendly and flexible tool with which they can complete all tasks. We have followed the wishes of the practice. To work efficiently, quickly and easily, the most users in the daily routine in their want to ‘ stay familiar program environment. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez oftentimes addresses this issue.

You not only are together used to painstakingly when ordering from umpteen different Excel lists addresses of providers whose material offers, price lists and negotiated conditions are looking for to, then to write the order with a word processor, to print and then also still extra archive. You were not particularly thrilled, for every work step another application from the FF’ use and get to know must – even if DocuWare comes through his Nemetschek liaison from the same home. Here the specific integrated solution pays off. A surface for all required functionality. Work processes, reflected logically in the software. No double data storage. Learn more at this site: Glenn Dubin. What has captured a workspace that can be used by the other staff members as well as with other applications.

The handling of the documents in the company there is no exception. Workflow without annoying Media Exchange ‘ and duplication therefore also the required DMS functions directly in the building financials modules. For the user is not even noticeable that he refers to another software package in his work. As financials go, for example, from construction Invoices for printing on paper at the same time you are in revision-safe electronic version in the archive then the booking deposit, can be displayed at your fingertips.

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