Vacation in France

French Revolution

Paris is a fascinating city. The French capital has captivated generation after generation, large and small. And it is that, who do not know their most famous monuments? The Eiffel Tower is a global symbol, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is home to one of the most famous legends of history thanks to the novel by Victor Hugo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum is one of the most famous and important of the world probably needed more than one week to get to know all its charmswhich are many. But the Parisian surroundings are also worthy of mention, especially Versailles and Mont Saint Michel. Versailles just thirty minutes away from Paris is the city of Versailles, famous for hosting the lavish and spectacular Palcio of Versailles. This elegant city is located so close to Paris, we could almost confuse them. Versailles is a beautiful bourgeois city of traditional flavor.

It is filled with wide avenues, historic buildings, antique shops and art. The neighborhood of Saint Louis is the old town: its streets are preserved from the 18th century. Began in Versailles and the French Revolution was carried to term. In addition, signed the famous Treaty of Versailles, which put an end to World War I. The Palace and Versailles is the main symbol of the city and the absolutist power of French kings, especially of Louis XIV. At first, the Chateau of Versailles was a simple country house built by Louis XIII.

Later, Luis XIV ordered his architect make building a Palace without equal, leaving with his legacy marvels such as the Hall of mirrors, the Chapel, the Opera, the salons of peace and war and the rooms of the King and the Queen and the Queen’s Chamber, which is preserved as Maria Antoinette left her to abandon Versailles in 1789. But not only the interior of the Palace is impressive: the gardens are a real gem with perfect symmetries, floral designs, ponds and fountains distributed everywhere. The Mount of Saint Michel El of Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most visited monuments in France along with the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame or Sacre Coeur. This was named world heritage by the UNESCO in 1979. This mountain is an island joined to the Mainland by a road and where stands an impressive Abbey of Gothic and Romanesque elements. This is remontaal 7th century, when the Archangel Michael appeared to Abert, Bishop of Avranches, who founded here an oratory. This Abbey has formed one of the most important places of pilgrimage in France. Once on the road, the vision of the island is a spectacle, especially if the tide is low and the sides of the mountain are transformed into giant Lakes of mud and quicksand that make the place a unique and magical place. Once inside the walls of the Citadel, we are entering another era thanks to its labyrinthine streets, that have been preserved as they were centuries ago. After having walked through two of the most beautiful enclaves of the Parisian suburbs, want to rest and relax. And what better way of do it in Paris apartments. Stay in an apartment and enjoy all the comforts and facilities it offers.

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