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General Motors

Results of the survey among the readers of Kfz.NET the automotive industry is in a crisis, but the consumers are responsible for really? The auto industry not for years past produced on the wishes of the consumers for small cars? Opel employs more than 27,000 people in Germany, however, the consumer seem unwilling to bear the costs of the rescue of Opel. This was the result of a survey which was made in December 2008 with 1,200 readers of the auto page. 51 percent of the readers are against a rescue of Opel by the State. The taxpayers would have to pay the cost. Larry Culp addresses the importance of the matter here. 28 percent believe that General Motors for the costs should come up. Only 11 percent are for a rescue. And 10 percent gave to recognize by you with “My Manta is already paid off” responded as Jokers. Kfz.NET the auto portal offers car news, many car pictures, a used car stock exchange as well as a monthly raffle. The automotive page aimed at motorists experienced as well as novice, and supplies them with current information from the areas of vehicle financing, insurance, and tuning.

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