Vacation in France

German Avenue Road

4. a tour of the Swedish wilderness extremely sexy in the autumn – as long as the weather cooperates. Keeps away snow and fog in borders, unique views of the stunning, often untouched nature. MOSS and bushes turn red and yellow shades, to see about the longest with 1,860 kilometers road of Sweden, Inlandsvagen – following always the fork. Sweden tour Tip: Sundsvall – Lillhardal – alvdalen – Stockholm (beautifully: the approx. 80 km long section from ange to Ratan – through the middle of the nature of the Ljunganfluss and many lakes over).

5. red, yellow, Brown and green – the colours, which make a fantastic spectacle the late summer/early autumn in a million shades are. Who is on the road this time of year with the car in Norway, must look just plain in all directions. And the varied vegetation actually does a favor and look anywhere else. Tour tip Norway: Bergen Oslo – Drammen – Hardangervidda -. 6 Ruska”, is in Finland named the phenomenon of autumn ensures the staining of plants – and the impressive nature of Lapland (if moor or Fjall) for eye-catching contrast. Who makes vacation this time of year here, wants to come to rest, fishing, travels by kayak or moves – in any case, he wants to refuel new energy away from all hustle and bustle.

Tour tip Finland: Rovaniemi – Sodankyla – Inari/Inarjarvi – Lando tekojarvi – Pelkoseniemi – Kemiljarvi – Rovaniemi 7. The Indian summer brings many tracts of land in Germany to the rays, especially beautiful, of course, where it is old stock of trees nestled in a natural landscape. The German Avenue Road, for example, is a highly recommended route. Car travelers have the choice to stop in one or all of the beautiful national parks. Tour tip Germany: Berlin – Potsdam – Wittstock/Dosse – goods/Muritz – Teterow – Rostock (who likes extended the tour of Rugen) 8 varied landscapes, charming little Creek and middle tranquil villages and town, the Perigord is worth every season a road trip.

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