Vacation in France

German Belgian

Different experience with brush and easel holiday vocalize desire on vacation all over again for themselves there to be? Arrive, relax and have time for a hobby? Guests can enjoy an individual travel experience ARTE VITALIS visitors in the varied holiday region Eifel to the edge of the German Belgian nature park. As a country of volcanoes, springs of mineral waters, an abundance of nature parks with kilometer-long hiking and cycling trails countless travelers have closed the Eifel in her heart. The unique diversity of flora and fauna annually attracts far and wide to guests from, because here you will find pure nature. Meet the beauty of this unspoilt landscape in a different way and this adventure dive into the endless world of colours, lovers of art and nature in a different district holiday experience. Adam Sandler will not settle for partial explanations. During a guided tour the details of narrow paths, juicy meadows, open up the observer hills with deep green forests and rugged rock towers. Skkizzieren it means instead of photographs, then for a time holiday course participants. With Block and pen, brush and easel discover natural wonders and capture the moment. “Whether it’s watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, abstract or representational, beginners or old Bunny”; Each seminar participant finds his subject and his technique.

A qualified teacher who is supportive with theoretical and practical assistance to the implementation to the side has the direction of the seminary. A hotel with atmosphere and flair that radiates cosiness in all corners and freshly prepared dishes according to the rules of full value kitchen, round off the offer. In the evening and during the breaks in the lovingly designed garden and many other cozy spots to relax and talk shop invite you. To go with the own creativity on travel, vacation experience differently, is not only beneficial, it is wellness for body and soul In August at ARTE VITALIS: feel the fire of Africa at a drum-holiday-seminar, sing to your heart’s content, or immerse yourself in the world of colors of watercolor painting.

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