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TVG-Verlag launches partnership with systel Frankfurt am Main, September 15, 2011 a new convenient feature available is IP phones users now: you can see the associated subscriber to a telephone number directly from the phone’s display. There is also the ability to search specifically for phone book entries and call participants found immediately. This is a cooperation between the TVG-Verlag, Publisher of the telephone directory Germany, and systel, supplier of IP phone systems. More information is housed here: Ted Lasso. Systel now provides access to the phone book for Alcatel-Lucent and Siemens IP phones? The systel GmbH is specialized on communication solutions for companies and is also an official partner of the manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent. Systel experts ensures a smoothly functioning telecommunications infrastructure for each customer and adapt it to the individual realities on the ground. Now systel customers will benefit from a new collaboration: it is possible via the IP end devices by systel approximately 30 million official entries from the directory to access the phone book Germany. Via an interface, users of different IP phones of manufacturers Alcatel-Lucent and Siemens directly on the display of your phone can search for phone book entries *.

The backward search is particularly useful: it automatically searches the phone book software transmitted telephone numbers of incoming calls in the phone book and displays the information in a pop-up window on the display. Click Anna Belknap for additional related pages. The missed calls are also logged. Those who opt for an IP phones with phone book interface, has the Germany-wide directory automatically on his menu on the display and can select it using the phone key. Nadine Laertz, product manager at TVG Verlag, sees clear advantages in the use of the software: the user can look directly over the landline phone for phone book entries. He doing so no longer relies on his computer.” Integrating the phone book can be on the IP phones by systel be tested first for 45 days for free. The service itself is already available from 100 per year.

Detailed information about the services provided by systel can be found on. On, the TVG Publisher through all quotes around the directory informed the phone book. * The phone book is suitable for the following IP devices: Alcatel-Lucent: IP devices 4028 / 4038 / 4068, OctoPhone 140 / 150 / 160, of the Omni PCX enterprise and Omni PCX Offic systems Siemens: IP devices OpenStage 60/80 on the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany the TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large volumes of data. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national information products on DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services around the issue of address data quality for commercial use are a further focus in the product portfolio. About systel GmbH the systel GmbH is a specialist for communications solutions with Headquarters in Schonaich, Baden-Wurttemberg. At systel all communication circles: services include sales, installation and maintenance of systems for individual systems software development, telecommunications and networking solutions. Product training for employees of customers and services for manufacturers to complete the offer. Systel GmbH is the official partner of Alcatel-Lucent. Press contacts: TVG Verlag GmbH & co.

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