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Happy Christmas

This short post I write in order to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. My elders from all you who pass incredible surrounded by their loved ones; family, friends, couples, etc. Love, happiness, love, and coexistence are the center of this great day, and that happiness stays with you next year and all the years that are to come. Also I would like to share with you a message that came to me via email and I really liked. Discusses the meaning of Christmas, which we already know, besides the religious meaning that everyone should also put into practice in this special day, and which unfortunately many times it seems that we are forgetting, and we take this day of pretext to make other things out of place.

In fact this is something that we should put into practice every day of our life, and not just at Christmas. Below I present this message: that is Christmas? If you have enemies, be reconciled with them, Christmas is peace. If in your heart you have superb, bury it, Christmas is humility. If you have debts, pay them before you spend all, Christmas is justice. If you have sins, repent and convert you, Christmas is the spirit were born. If you have poor people to your side, help them, Christmas is a gift. If in your mind you have shadows and doubts, ilumina your thoughts, Christmas is light. If you have errors, thinks, and thinks Christmas is true.

If you have worries and sorrows, rejoice, Christmas is joy. There is no perfect Christmas, only Christmas than your you decide to create as a reflection of your values, desires, loves, and traditions. Christmas are not gifts, before giving a physical gift to your family and friends. Give them your love. J.R.

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