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Herpes Treatments

The herpe or herpes is a skin rash, caused by a virus (infection) that manifests itself in different parts of the body. Scholars of this disease divided it into fever blisters and genital or recurrent herpes. If you are not convinced, visit Sela Ward. Febrile herpes appears in various conditions such as: pneumonia, meningitis, flu; accompanied by fever called herpetic fever. Symptoms: it begins with a stain red and outgoing, followed by tiny vesicles at the beginning clear and turbid later. Then dissected in thick or thin crusts. It usually comes out in the face; with the use of antiseptics in some cases disappear in a week without leaving a trace. Genital herpes in women may appear in the menstrual period, and the man for sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, the gonorrhea, or not necessarily.

Aspect of herpes: are round spots as made by a punch, red, painful and little secretion. In some people it appears periodically in Hence the name of tumors. Many times this herpes alternates with facial, occupying the lips or tongue. Many of these cases are confused with syphilitic accidents. Treatment involves the application of lotions, astringent, using the boricada or white water in the genital region and good hygiene in general.Other treatments is based on antiviral therapy, based on holistic medicine and naturopathic medicine Chinese and Anglo-Saxon that disables the virus allowing you to live free of herpes outbreaks.You will find this treatment;In addition to other sections in central page: Entertainment, computing, sports, health, languages, painting, and more; all items of proven quality. Original author and source of the article.

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