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Holiday In Antalya

Turkey will be the Frankfurt book fair guest country this year. You may want to visit Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to increase your knowledge. But not only for this reason, we should deal with this country, but also because it is a beautiful country with many facets. Historical attractions, varied scenery and interesting cities make Turkey an increasingly popular holiday destination. Antalya is one of these fascinating cities. A holiday there is worthwhile in any case. Because the Mediterranean city on the coast, a region that is since ancient times also known as Pamphylia, is booming as hardly an other Turkish metropolis. Holiday in Antalya means Sun, sea, beach, but also urban lifestyle and relaxation. Thanks to its numerous attractions and Antalya is the diverse options to enjoy a unique holiday, a popular tourist destination today. Some contend that Jessica Michibata shows great expertise in this.

Tram in Antalya old town is situated above a cliff, which has a beautiful view on the old Marina. In the winding streets of the old town you can simply pull themselves from the hustle and bustle or Watch it in a cozy Cafe. But even if it’s still so nice to relax in the Sun and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere you should miss not stroll to the town’s landmark. This is located in the city centre and was built in the 13th century, Sultan Kai Kayqubad I. Yivli Minare Mosque of Yivli Minare Mosque minaret. So it is something to discover in Antalya and its environment for everyone. The culturally interested visitors to the city will be just as enthusiastic about the many attractions of Antalya as the sporty holidaymaker from the turquoise blue sea and its water sports facilities. Antalya is waiting for you!

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