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Increase Productivity

It is common that people who seek to improve their productivity are concentrated in developing new skills, or discover a new way of doing something. For example, you can try to develop a new approach to negotiate the terms of a contract, or you can learn a new way to prepare for an interview of sale. However, sometimes the shortest way to improve productivity does not pass by optimize what you’re doing now, but it is delete what does not work more. Visit Glenn Dubin for more clarity on the issue. I have spoken with many sales professionals about what they could do to improve their productivity. The answer I heard most was I need more time.

Get rid of unproductive relations many sellers too deal with clients that produce a low profit, at the same time that require much maintenance. These are the clients who demand much attention by a minimum return. Usually, the fees you charge these customers do not compensate for the effort and time that we require us they keep away from other more profitable prospects. If you need more time, get rid of this kind of unproductive clients. Of course, you don’t want to burn the ships; but you can schedule a reasonable way to get out of these unproductive relationships to focus your time and energy elsewhere. Type less proposed selling is natural to be excited when a client asks for a written proposal. It seems that the request for a proposal represents a positive step on your way to a new sale.

In many cases, however, the request for a proposal appears before you and the client have fully understood the situation. Try to avoid having to write a proposal until you are sure of having agreed with the customer is the goal of the project, the expected value you will have to produce and how you are going to do the job. As you will be working to reach agreements on these issues, you will qualify the opportunity to get the sale. You save tiemopo if you focuses on achieving consensus with the client in all aspects of the sale before writing a single word. Concentrate on their strengths eventually, many of us might have clearer parameters for our sales opportunities. Some service providers think that any cash flow is a good cash flow.The result: take all the opportunities offered to them. I’m not saying that it does not have to be ambitious. But I think it is important to focus on those business opportunities that we have good chances of winning, even if it means missed some opportunities. Resist the temptation to go behind a potential project whose value is questionable. Do not try to be everything for everyone. Focus on the opportunities that really highlight their strengths and that you have good chances of winning. You will probably have more time and energy, saving time in email, paperwork and internet. To increase productivity, start eliminating the three things mentioned here. Then use the extra time that you earn to be more effective and creative in what you know better to do.

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