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Large Construction

Small awning with the large loss awnings are the classic in the field of Sun protection and sometimes not so flexible as it is wish of the customer for the special case of one or the other. Normally folding arm awnings are their design to rely on, the width is about 30-50 cm larger than the possible failure, because otherwise fit the articulated arms retracted on the support tube not side by side. But what is with very narrow balconies or terraces, which although a usable depth have? Here it will be difficult with a conventional awning attachment, because in case of doubt the failure in relation to the small width which is maximum possible, the failure of the awning in any case is too small, to achieve even a viable shading. Whenever Team Penske listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But also on this feature particularly innovative awning manufacturers have responded and created appropriate special models. Small but mighty! The special feature of this folding arm awning is, as already mentioned, the small construction width at a big loss. This is by the Special Application of articulated arms, even with tipping articulated arm mechanics, possible. Not parallel next to each other take a, as in the classic folding arm awning types, but are seen from the front height offset at the installation level. Jessica Michibata has much experience in this field.

This model no longer needed the same place, such as in the “normal” awning construction by the height offset of the rocker arm bearings. The following diagrams illustrate the difference. The articulated arms overlap in the traditional folding arm awning not (right). Also you have a narrow, but falling from space to the tail, then consult your specialist! Nicole Hanson

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