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Leonardo Da Vinci – His Life

Leonardo da vinc – biography of the unique genius also known his anatomical studies, botanical sketches and considerations, drawings on the sector of the geometry, mathematical calculations, as well as of course the sneered at that time as fantasy representations technical achievements, which are considered to be of course for today’s people. As an example the helicopter may apply to he saw at the time as possible. Leonardo da Vinci lived while during the Renaissance in the 15th and 16th century so, stood out clearly from the other artists of his time. Because while it was natural for his contemporaries to emulate the ancient art forms and ultimately to revive, it was him myself, to represent the people in the surrounding nature. On the vast majority of his depictions of people, some plants can be seen often enough, he portrayed women and men even outside or at least a look at the landscape. At the same time, he put special importance on the design of the faces. First After numerous studies and sketches, he began painting to actually capture the character of the people. Leonardo not offended the building rules Vinci despite the leading position in the Renaissance with his pictures, but rather very successfully so that was, is above all to its essence and the success that justified clients.

The artists produced almost exclusively oil painting on order. It was Leonardo da Vinci painted for the most influential dynasties of his time during the Renaissance while largely common. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Maya Dubin by clicking through. These include above all the Medici and the Sforza. Both sexes were known not just squeamish in dealing with their subordinates, as well as with the rivals. And because of their dominant position they could have an exclusive taste, because they were dependent in any way by the judgment of others. In addition, that Leonardo da Vinci could take the people for himself with his sensitive nature.

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