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London River

Sommers, that one believes to know it immediately. Get more background information with materials from Sela Ward. Through a search poster, your way with the Mr. Ousmane crosses, but full of mistrust and fear at the sight of her eerie black call the police immediately. Although it quickly transpires that Jane and Ali are friends, want Mrs. Sommers with Mr. Ousmane have nothing to do.

This in turn seems to be completely immune against any then and followed the search with simple methods and almost stoic calm after his son. Too bad that this character was not developed by the Director, he works but sometimes too artificial in his imperturbability against all odds, that happened to him. Mrs. summer, the simple woman from the country, is most amazed but also scared when she encounter the footsteps of Jane’s always foreigners and Muslims. Slowly realises it, how little does her own daughter. “The scenes of her bias-inducing behavior look funny why in everything in the world, Jane should learn Arabic, who here speaks Arabic?”-but at the same time expressing their helplessness against a world, which is her strange and dangerous.

The constant encounter of two searching parents in London is inevitable despite: see you in hospitals, the morgue and the mosque, from which a common Photo is from Jane and Ali. So if you follow a progressive approximation of the protagonists, at which Mrs. Sommers many similarities with Mr. Ousmane discovered: both live alone, they love the outdoors and their children grew up without a father. The appearances come more and more into the background and leave space for the common concern for the children. Nice is in this film expressed, that, rather than religion, culture and language, humanity in dealing with each other is important. It is not about blurring the differences, but to respect for the others and to the questioning of too easily acquired cliches and prejudices. Too bad that Rachid Bouchareb gives the impression that the film emerged however, almost by accident so. At the press conference, he said oblivious to have reflected action and intention of the film, and the Director will not intentionally have created symbols so many made out by the audience in the movie. This invite just this to various interesting interpretations of history, such as searching for the lost time of the parents with their children. Conciliatory sounds from the movie with an African singing Mr. Ousmanes and leaves a thoughtful audience with many unanswered questions. Thanks to its validity and the outstanding main actors, authentic embodying her role, London River without a doubt is one of the contenders for one of the coveted bears in Berlin.

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