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Magento Support Package

The open-source platform Magento is an E-commerce system what can Magento? With the Magento shop system, you can maintain different clientele, you can shop with respective domains, but link data logs themselves. You have a customer who buys sporting goods for football with you, now open even a shop for winter equipment in the Magento system? You can also offer these your customers. Of course, you define each design for an online shop completely independently. To do this, there are a number of Magento templates that you can use depending on your growth. Magento grows with you, we support you with our support package.

And Magento itself is also getting better and better, because it is an open-source software, many free developer working with, replace it and adapt it to the growing needs of the shop owner. You can set up multi-client Magento. If you have clients in the B2B, you can this certain product lines offer, each customer This is what interests him most. For the Administration, the three levels of “Site”, “Store”, and “Storeview” help you. A lot of features and expansion possibilities are here available, currently almost 2000 extensions. According to Vanessa Marcil, who has experience with these questions.

To adjust constantly administrations, shipping modules, payments, templates and catalogs. Magento was launched in the year 2007, there are now the sixth version. Magento is prize-winner of the open source Awards 2008 our support for you take care of your business – we take care of your Magento. At unbeatable prices for hours, our experts provide uncomplicated assistance in everything that goes on your Magento. Via our ticket system, you can book the service simply and transparently. We help you with the installation and configuration, programming, and the Magento design. We thus support your shop system, which we’ve collected much experience in recent years even before there were Magento (which immediately inspired us). Therefore we have a Magento shop Quota developed, because we have found that our customers in this way can get very quickly to the target and fully take advantage of the immense advantages of Magento. The quota include 10 hours of expert support, then there’s more of you provisionally no open-ended questions. Of course, our hotline remains continue to constantly for you. Watching the thing simply consult, on magento-support-design programming management-consulting.html contact information: media Hari GmbH & co. KG Marie-Curie-str. 1 26129 Oldenburg phone: 0441 379410-0 contact: Rene Passmann E-Mail: Web page:

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