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Major German

In India, in the same way, there is now a growing interest in learning the German language as a subject in plans and programmes of its school system. The most renowned German agencies worldwide, within the educational, academic and cultural scope, respond to this demand promoting a number of language courses, programs of undergraduate and postgraduate academic, research programmes, funding grants and calls for professional internships at prestigious foreign multinationals. Along with this opening, the German academic provides an important range of essential services to meet the demand for learning German as foreign language, establishing conventions of educational and cultural cooperativity with different schools and universities throughout the world and culture, to the time of spreading the applicability of their language exams, internationally recognized. Strengthening this dissemination of culture and Germanic language, the initiatives of some organisms of great world prestige joined to study abroad with the help of the German Government teaching innovations. Within this context, the Goethe Institute collaborates in the inclusion of the German language in schools and universities worldwide – benefiting training and service training lecturer – and in the development of materials and educational resources of today, together with the availability of books appropriate to different levels of studies of the German language. In this way, starts, especially during this decade, a management partnership towards multiculturalism, in which the primacy of one or another language or culture is not the purpose of language learning itself.

Major German educational agencies begin to respond to the call of hundreds of countries which demand their cooperation in the development of the academic guidelines their plans for school curricula and plans for studying in Germany. Similarly, grow the projects of an infinite number of foreign students that not only aspire to knowledge of the German language, within the scope of the research sciences, they begin to be interested in the artistic manifestations of their culture, such as theatre, literature and music. Study German as a second language, in Germany and abroad is an option academic is international education that is masterfully linked with the initiative launched by the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs German colleges, schools, universities, they are our best partners for the future. Definitely project recent most important to contribute to the strengthening of the German language abroad and to benefit the promotion of students wishing to emigrate to learn language and culture with cutting-edge educational and screening.

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