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The cooperation will further strengthen our market position as one of the leading gaming networks in German-speaking countries and expand. About manaflask: Founded in just four months ago, the joint Web site of WoW has guilds Ensidia and FTH rapid growth. From the State reached the page over five million page impressions and over 1.7 million visits (source: google analytics). On its sides in addition to a community portal exclusive text and video guides of the professional players of both guilds, Manaflask makes available to its users. It is planned to make Manaflask even more user friendly and to equip with new features, as well as continue to expand the presence of the player and the proximity to the community on German and European offline events for 2011. Learn more at: star actress. The minds behind Manaflask were responsible for the management of successful projects such as the European number one Guild “Nihilum” (later Ensidia) and close for 2011 of extending Project concept more top gaming titles not out. Gamona: Gamona is an entertainment portal with a focus on PC and video games, movies and hardware and provides daily news, reviews, previews and information of all kinds from the world of electronic entertainment, as well as many interactive features on the portal and his special interest and community pages.

Close Contentpartnerschaften with guarantee high journalistic quality. is operated by the Webguidez Entertainment GmbH, based in Berlin and currently 16 employees. and connected network of almost 20 community portals come together on approximately 25 million page impressions (IVW November 10). The AGOF Internet facts II/10 reach gamona. 1.000.000 unique users.

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