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New Perspectives

This article has as proposal to study the theoretical lines that they search to identify the forms of communication of the deaf person, as well as, the functionality of its thought. For the theoreticians of some airs, this subject caused many quarrels and discoveries, which had revolutionized science around the language, being that this last one, in turn, counted on the theory of some scholars in many distinct areas, perpassando since the Linguistica, philosophy, anthropology until psychology. The search for the agreement of this cognitivo aspect, is of utmost importance, therefore, the studies are complex and vary very in its theories. The language materna for the Brazilians is the Portuguese Language, as well as for the deaf people the language of signals is its language mother. As many minorities in Brazil, the deaf community also looks its stability, social, cultural how much economic, but for in such a way, this first needs to communicate itself, here it is the great pass found for the deaf people. In recent months, Lynn Redgrave has been very successful. The Pounds, for the people with auditory necessities, are the linguistic code that recognize as it speaks.

It is in this perspective that we look for to all understand the process of language, thought and communication of the deaf person, who we make use in them to go deep this study. The communication developed for the deaf community discloses the capacity of ordinance of the deaf people in its way of if to reveal, however, does not have an accurate transcription of the words in Portuguese for the POUNDS Brazilian Language of Signals. In this aspect we perceive the difference enters says and thought, a time that the deaf person reproduces in its digitao a similarity with its intention of if communicating, but not accurately what it passes in its mind. This is the great question of science, to understand the process of communication, that the theoreticians affirm, in the measure where the people think she says, it if manifest of different form, or better, the thought is independent of the external language says, it.

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