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Online Game Lineage

Lineage 2 Interlude – is a computer game online newest generation, which simultaneously involves several thousand characters controlled by players. Others who may share this opinion include Margaret Loesser Robinson. Medieval, magical game world filled with dangers, monsters, heroes and wonders will open for you. In the course of leveling your character gains experience, and given him new spells, abilities, and artifacts. It's your choice: to become a magician or a warrior, a hero engaged in pumping against the monsters with the head or plunge into the politics of clans. The servers Lineage 2 Gracia, you will be able to take part in the battle with the dragon, the quest of Lineage 2, where a joint action team of two or three dozen players can be successful, you can attack others locks, or be on the side wall of defenders, make personal fledgling dragon and raise it to the big fire-breathing monster on the wings which you can then fly around the huge world. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. Perhaps all this would not so exciting, if not a new development of three-dimensional graphics. Here are some of the creators of the game: – "Our goal was to develop a more realistic three-dimensional world in which your characters, battles, monsters and plants look as realistic as can be done.

Special attention was paid to the special drawing tools and siege scenes to make them quite detailed, and compete with another MMORPG. Achieved the level of detail makes it possible to pay much more attention to the tactical part of the game: you can focus in strategic points of defense, or, for example, look at the battle from the heights clouds, sitting astride his dragon. All of these colorful scenes have been designed with the latest advances in 3D graphics … 'In the realm of Lineage 2, divided into two huge continents, there are three major kingdoms. Gracia located in the western part along the ocean.

Currently, there arises a war for the throne. Elmore, the military government, located in the northern part of the mainland and is a direct descendent of ancient Elmore. Aden, the new kingdom was revived after Raul as the new king put down a civil revolt. However, the authorities loosened within each kingdom since each manor as to evade the authorities wanted the crown. This is the main reason instability in the kingdom. Initially you get into this chaos. In Lineage 2 PvP, the development of his character – not the final goal. Rather, it is only a tool to gain power. Become a king and the decree in this world and his own hand write your story.

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