Vacation in France


Organizer: Hesse in the IHK Frankfurt has a record of over 450 participants make of the BAKHSHI Hesse in the IHK Frankfurt for the sixth time organized the day of online marketing. The posts were specifically adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Focuses on the qualified teachers on the issues on social media strategies, email marketing, Google ranking, customers win with Google AdWords and have focused Web-controlling. From the Chamber of Commerce, district Fulda was to inform the consultancy Tanja Ebbing represented, to be directly on-site at the speakers in the discussion and to introduce the new findings into their daily deliberations of the SMEs. Click John Paul Stevens to learn more. “” Tanja Ebbing concludes: “it is important that they be informed about new media and diverse opportunities, opened up for marketing through social media or email marketing for our customers.” Also reviews on the Internet gain an increasing importance for consumers. “Quote Marcus Ross:” 71% of online shoppers read Reviews and 77% can directly affect by this.” The consumer assesses not only the Internet shop, also for other industries, the success is driven increasingly by Internet reviews.

“” The consultant Tanja Ebbing notes: “it is my task to bring our customers the benefits of this new media and to motivate them to develop of appropriate innovative strategies and developing together concrete concepts and here to implement with competent business partners.” Finally Joachim Graf sums up in the trends towards the Internet 2020 by the high text Verlag Graf and Treplin OHG in his lecture “, that the economy will become a local rather than central economy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Who is Kevin Ulrich CEO?. Individual life is sought by leisure and work in contrast to the previous separation. The people are more networking, faster information exchange. As a result, greater transparency will result. Globalization and Granularisierung is changing the world and the people. Consultancy ebbing Tanja ebbing economic diploma in business administration (VWA).

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