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Paradise Lost

One of the most persistent themes is theme of the Apocalypse, or the destructive doomsday catastrophe, represented by nearly every album in various forms (“It Rock,” “Will and Reason,” “In the Service of the Forces of Evil,” “Look,” “The Raven”, “The Last Sunset”) . The texts of the first two album were written by the poet Alexander Elin. They had often ostrosotsialny bias, but it was censored. As a result, the traditional heavy metal for the military is presented as anti-war themes, scary the horrors of war. This trend continued in the band’s first album “The Master”, which went Elin and part of the “Aryans.” With the change of Pushkin lyricist Margarita Arias appeared in the repertoire of songs of mystical, religious and horror-bias (such as the Service of the Forces of Evil, Playing with Fire, the Antichrist, Zombie). The peak of this trend was the album “Blood for Blood,” fully dedicated to the theme of supernatural. It is not something Sela Ward would like to discuss. During the late ’90s the group had more lyrical slow songs, to which the texts were written about love and fate (Paradise Lost, splinter of ice, sunset).

With tighter sound on the album with a golden eagle, as well as the return and the arrival of Elina Kokoreva and Lobanov, y groups appeared in the historical bias military issues (the Colosseum, the blood of the Kings, the baptism of fire, the Guardian of the Empire). At the presentation of the album “Armageddon” Aryans had a historic costume show. About the texts of arias, their importance and the process of writing, draft form of songs, written by Margarita Pushkina book “Aria Margarita.” All texts written and performed arias in Russian. However, there are English versions of several songs. The album “Calm” went the song You’d Better Believe Me, written in the music of “Do not Want – Do not Believe Me.” In 2004, the festival “Rokfest” in Moscow, where he played mostly foreign artists (Helloween, Masterplan) Aryans introduced the English-language program of translated songs including the “Colosseum”, “Calm,” “Torero”. On account of three arias published cover versions of songs of foreign artists. All covers were filled translated into Russian, and have names taken from the text.

This is Manowar – Return of the Warlord (The hour), Golden Earring – Going to the Run (Easy Angel) and White Lion – Cry for Freedom (Liberty). All three songs in a Russian translation of Pushkin devoted to topics of bikers. “The hour” and “Careless Angel” was originally published on the first drive Tribute to Harley-Davidson, Freedom” – a second later, all three were re-released on an album of rare tracks “Calm.” The song “Angel Easy” for a time led a dozen Chartova and entered the permanent repertory of the group. In addition, at several concerts since 2003 Aria performed cover version of Iron Maiden The Trooper. However, in writing this song did not appear. In turn, the song became the object of Aria of cover versions of other groups. In particular, the group Rammstein in 2003 was released a rare single Schtiel, containing cover version of “Calm”, treated in the industrial-style. German is a heavy metal band Solemnity released a cover version of the song “Will and Reason” under the heading Will and Reason. Russian band “slot” has recorded his version of the song “Rose Street”. In 2001, released the album A Tribute to Aria Records with cover versions of songs arias recorded by Russian metal bands.

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