Vacation in France

Perpetual Happiness

I make its plain funeral right now Perpetual Happiness and place all its family as dependent, until its mother-in-law could be embedded of favour if it to die inside of 30 days. It is always expenditures to less. (In this moment Joo enters and goes pra next to Dolores) HOMEM-SANDUCHE: – Al man Manu, already washed its foot? Al Enedina owner, already made its fzinha? Al its Bastion, already made its conjunct? Al Sueli owner, already washed its xi slipper? Al its Joo, Already bought its beans? Vamo, as is there that it is? Purchase who does not only want. Beans, rice, jb, flour, biscuit, chicken, oil and pasta everything in the hand, everything for the lesser price in the Levemais. You want, you you can. Who it cannot if if.

if ….. Who cannot is strengthenn! It is what I always say: who does not have colrio, cocaine the eye. Alternative media also is culture. (It leaves) DOLORES: – Joo, until in end. Further details can be found at Ian Sinclair, an internet resource. You left morning home, so far? Already it is of night. JOO: – Worse he is that not to obtain nothing back in the notary’s office.

Birth certificate of the boys alone with authorization of the judge. It needs to go in frum. DOLORES: – But when then, where that people go to find time pra to be pernando of a side pra another one. back in this you of frum entr with quarqu does not leave nor people clothes. JOO: – Ah! This is. I only have caro and bermuda shorts (disappointed pause and later). If agent obtained this certificate, people registered Julieta, Alice and Celso in the school and still gained this you of stock market. TONHO; – Another one would mixaria. They had to pay pra people well estud, later people goes if estrag in the work advantages homes. JOO: – Each one has its excuse pra not estud.

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