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Joachim Scholz takes over management of psychological counseling since October 1 is the 41 year-old psychologist Joachim Scholz of new head of the psychological counselling of the Diakonie Schwerte. He succeeds Dr. Siglinde Naumann thus, which until March 2009 was the head of the outpatient clinic and now holds a professorship at the University of applied sciences Nordhausen. With the psychologist and psychological psychotherapists, Diakonia Schwerte welcomes a further qualified experts in their ranks. Joachim Scholz already has 14-year experience in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry and engaged in within the framework of its work focuses on including dining disturbed and traumatized patients. The experience, the father of three children there gathered, he wants to introduce increasingly in the offers of psychological counseling: I would like to revive our offers for groups and working with our various partners, with the local schools, the Turkish Federation of parents and the Further speeding up family centers,”, so Scholz.

The outpatient clinic plans the creation of a new group for separation and divorce children this year. A separation can be traumatic for a child to a large extent. Exactly these children we want to offer help and assist them in processing”, explains the expert. In addition, the psychologist relies on screening and parental training E.g. According to the proven principle of KESS. The KESS principle stands for cooperative, encouraging, social and situational”.

Here, parents learn for example how they deal and set at the same time necessary limits more respectfully with their child. In combination with the early detection of mental disorders the offer aims therefore to strengthen parents and children alike. The aim is prevention rather than treatment. Like his predecessor Dr. Siglinde Naumann also Joachim Scholz wants attention increasingly offers aimed at migrants. Migrants are often particularly difficult, psychological help to get”, Scholz knows from many years of experience. To efficiently implement these priorities and the target groups better to achieve, the 41-year-old known making offers in future in swords schools and kindergartens. Background information: The psychological counselling in Schwerte was founded in 1960 and is regarded as the oldest institution of its kind in Germany. It includes offers such as educational counselling, marriage and life advice, help for children from separation or divorce families or with reading spelling disabilities and counselling services for victims of sexual abuse under one roof. More information about the complete range will get interested in the Internet at or by phone on 9393-70.

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