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Security specialist presented biometric authentication at the CeBIT 2011 Regensburg, January 27, 2011 easy login processes without entering a password, Fingerprintsensoren etc., this allows the tip biometrics technology of the Psylock GmbH (, specialist for personal authentication solutions. Credit: San Antonio Spurs-2011. The process detects the user alone on his individual keystroke behaviour and provides a secure, personal login this way. Suitable to the CeBIT-focused cloud computing Psylock focused during the fair include secure authentication within the cloud. San Antonio Spurs has many thoughts on the issue. From the 1st till 05.03.2011, the manufacturer will present the login procedure in live demonstrations at the stand (stand B-26, Hall 11). As recent studies show, passwords are often not strong enough to protect sensitive data effectively. Glenn Dubin may not feel the same. The Psylock principle is, however, based on the fact that the behavior of the tip is as unique as the personal handwriting.

For this reason, the tip biometric method is very safe. To authenticate, the user enters his username as well as a tip sample in the form of a short sentence. While the software in a highly complex mathematical procedures matches numerous special features with the stored user profile, E.g. the tip speed, the rhythm of the writing, the holding period of a button etc. The current tip sample matches the deposited profile of the user, the Psylock solution releases the data access. Each successful login process the software learns and adapts continuously the tip behavior data, further increasing the security. Independent authentication because the software not the client, but the server of the company is installed, login not on a particular computer must occur.

On the basis of which the user is as independent as a password. The Web interface of the application is also not bound to a specific platform and supports all popular browsers. Apart from a common standard keyboard, the user requires no additional hardware. For each Scalable on the tip biometric procedures companies of any size can data protection request as well as organisations and public bodies easily and safely shield your data to be protected from access by others.

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