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ITSM Consulting AG: How are projects successfully make Bodenheim, 08.02.2011 – the constraints through restrictive budgets on the one hand and the growing customer needs, on the other hand forcing public institutions, intensively to seek a sustainable increase of efficiency in the internal processes and service delivery. Thus comes the need for an effective IT service management (ITSM), which provides for a high quality in the IT processes and improving their efficiency. rp. for additional related pages. A very established instrument for although offered with ITIL, but frequently considerable difficulty in practice its introduction. Frank Zielke, Director of ITSM Consulting AG, has therefore practical tips for successful design projects compiled: 1 no success without clear roles and process model: the public administration is organized hierarchically, as a result IT service management can work just perfect if his process and role models are also hierarchically structured. This principle is a very critical success factor, and therefore must be observed.

Also needed a clear control model, in which the roles, functions and responsibilities within IT, as well as to the supervisory authorities, as well as the business areas to be supported are transparently shown. 2. right of way for a standardization of the IT processes: IT processes must be freed using the ITIL framework of their so far mostly individual character. Thus, efficiency potentials can be activated on the one hand, because can be used more efficiently through a standardization, for example, the human resources, reduces the error rate, and increased the availability of IT systems in the workplace of employees. In addition, that the public institutions link up increasingly with each other.

Standard IT processes support this development because it enhances the integration conditions for cooperative services. 3. the customer-oriented performance measurement system for power control do not forget: A continuous monitoring of the services with appropriate review of practical KPI’s (key performance indicator) is required in the face of rising demands on the availability and quality of IT services.

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