Vacation in France

Renault SUV

Renault retail group Germany informed: as the first SUV from Renault is the new Koleos for what Renault has always been: cars to build, providing driving pleasure, comfort, and countless practical solutions. Vanessa Marcil wanted to know more. With the new Koleos, Renault for the first time combines all this in a real off-roader. Confident ride and spacious space with 4.52 meters length and 1,865 meters wide is enough for the city of the Koleos compact, offers but also spacious space for five passengers and a family-grade trunk volume of 450 to 1,380 litres. The elevated seating position improves the clarity and gives a superior driving experience. Much ground clearance makes the front – or all-wheel drive Koleos fit for use off paved paths. The mountain down Wizard and start-up aid for the mountain provide additional help on difficult terrain. The Koleos a horizontally split tailgate has many intelligent solutions for convenient loading and unloading.

Advantage Is also the boot in tight spaces easily accessible. In addition, the horizontal division facilitates the loading with long cargo. \”System allows the easy break the ratio 40: 60 split rear seat in the trunk before fold in that, resulting in a consistently flat cargo space. Even the front passenger seat can be folded up, so can be transported up to 2.6 m long cargo inside. Gelandeganger with sedan comfort thanks to the angle of 27 degrees front and 31 degrees rear can Renault SUV even strong sales climb. The vehicle copes inclines of up to 30 percent and angular misalignments of up to 49 degrees. Variable, fully automatic all-wheel drive In AUTO mode drives the Koleos 4 X 4 under normal road conditions fuel-saving front-wheel drive. Only when the traction subsides, around on snowy roads or muddy substrate, a multidisk clutch automatically directs up to 50 percent of the available torque to the rear axle. If the Koleos from a standing start, power is also automatically on the Rear wheels transfer.

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