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Within only two years, ZUMBA fitness has become the success story in Bavaria and throughout Germany. Booming cities in Bavaria are Ingolstadt, Munich, Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen. ZUMBA is a Latin inspired dance fitness workout, which is made up of Latin American music and dance movements – a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness program! ZUMBA is derived from the Spanish word RUMBA (not to be confused with the pair dance RUMBA!), which means as much as PARTY and represents the key of the marketing strategy. The Colombian Alberto Perez along with two business partners (Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion) had the idea to develop a fitness program as a kind of fitness-party now more than 10 years ago in the United States and gave the name of ZUMBA, the worldwide protect themselves let this program. The term RUMBA could not be protected indeed! In addition, ZUMBA sounds much more interesting. The concept of ZUMBA can be described as follows in a few sentences. Both dance Gifted than non-dancers can follow immediately and simply a ZUMBA workout, because you have to be a professional dancer to join ZUMBA successfully. ZUMBA creates a party atmosphere which encourages non-dancers, beginners and shy, to participate in a group fitness workout.

Equally enjoy experienced athletes and dancers, you can train the variety in a healthy, cheerful and party-like environment. “All participants feel comfortable, because you simply join and the party” can enjoy. The passionate and explosive rhythms of Latin American music motivate participants during ZUMBA fitness workout. The idea will be presented briefly and concisely as: the ZUMBA fitness program is the most effective, most innovative and exciting workout for anyone. People such as Celina Dubin would likely agree. Fun and party mood guaranteed. Behind this is the formula for success: learn, improve and achieve by ZUMBA for you and your body a stronger cardiovascular system and thus increased Carrying capacity better coordination of various parts of the body increased motorised mobility the well-being and the balance in the dancing and great music the various styles of ZUMBA fitness (such as ZUMBA gold for seniors, Aqua ZUMBA in the water, ZA or ZumbAtomic for kids, ZUMBA toning with light weights, ZUMBA circuit) focus on different target groups.

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