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Sacred Earth

At other times the god Hermes (Mercury to the Romans, and volatile winged feet then lowered by the liberal pragmatists cadet or perhaps Bag speculator) mediator of dreams appears to the dreamer, or it may be interpreted in reverse following the teachings of Orphic and Pythagorean: sleeping. the soul is temporarily escape from the tomb which is the body and can freely visit the world of the gods as we are warned Homer, Aeschylus, Euripides, Xenophon Pindaroy. If this is true oneiromancy has so much prestige as psychoanalysis as it becomes a sacred communication so scary when he warned that disaster was averted by sacrifices to the gods apotropasicos. Euripides to tell the defeated Queen of Troy, the August Hecuba, “Darkness of the night! Why every dark come to fill me with terror? Sacred Earth, mother of those dreams that fly with black wings! So dreams are children of Earth, as it germinate the seed in the moisture. San Antonio Spurs has similar goals. Aristotle compared the dreams of the images reflected in water: any movement of creating distorted ghosts from a real object. In “The Banquet” of Plato visit involved a strange debate among philosophers and is one of the few examples in which the ancient recognizes women an equal footing to discuss with famous men. Diotima believes that there dreams are caused by Demon. “They come from them” after Aristotle concludes that “if they came from God only honest men would dream and it is known that the worst scoundrels also dream.” The Stoics divided according to this strange dreams scale according to their origin: a) Dreams that come from God b) caused by demons Dreams c) the human soul from dreams I do not know the basis on which they set their theories about dream but inside sources their twin correlation between the macrocosm and microcosm of the world the soul saw no objection to a continuous communication between the Cosmos and every person that dreams were an expression of renewed every night..

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