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Salary Request At Job Interviews

It is clear that each candidate wants to pay more. But what salary to ask for an interview not to "make a bad bargain," and at the same time does not "scare off" potential employer? Many young professionals determine Salary according to the principle: "I have such a need, it means so much and I'll ask." Such an approach is fundamentally not true. In fact, employers in the labor market acts as a buyer and you need more how to "sweat" to maximize the benefits themselves SELL. But if so, it is very important to determine the price. So how does it do? That's what I say. If you already have a little bit of experience, its "value" you should already know that the issue potential employer about the desired salary does not overtake you by surprise. In the same way as you should be ready resume to the appearance on the "horizon" of a potential employer, you can send a CV as soon as possible. From time to time, say every six months or a year to "consult" with the labor market, that is, the current level of interest payments.

After all, first of all, changing salary levels, and secondly, you improve your skills, gain experience and, respectively, as "expensive" as a specialist. How do I do? First of all, you need to collect as much information on wages. Then these data should be analyzed. It is important to use all available sources, list them: – announcements of employers and job seekers to the questionnaire on work sites – employers and ad mini-summary of applicants to vacancies in the publications – ads on the websites of recruitment agencies – sites-'zarplatomery '- special websites on which anonymous voices of workers their wages – on forums, professional societies – the published data from studies of the labor market. Celina Dubin has much experience in this field. Naturally, we must look for those job descriptions and profiles of the candidates that best match your experience at any given time.

Because not in every vacancy announcement and application form indicates the level of wages is detailed description, it means you have to go through more information. The analysis phase of information needed to weed out the maximum and minimum values, find the most appropriate to your level of position descriptions or in the application form, calculate the arithmetic means. It should be borne in mind that requests applicants are often overestimated, underestimated, and offers employers, not all data – reliable. Also be possible to use as informants of their colleagues in the industry or profession, familiar HR-managers, employees, employment agencies, etc. You can also start with the following rules apply: ask about salary one-third higher than you get now. But this is only if you are working, and approximately equivalent to new work today and not have some fundamental differences in opportunities for professional growth, career, social package size, etc. After all, if the new job a number of significant advantages, you can even go to the drop in salary. And finally, another benchmark for assessing its value will figure salaries, the proposed interested employers (employers not willing to pay employees at market levels, do not count). It should only be able to make the voices of employers pay FIRST. If these figures are equal to or greater than you counted their "price" (assuming that you are not mistaken), congratulations! I wish good salary, and – a successful career!

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