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At the end of the 18th century, a famous researcher Frenchman who worked at the Salpetriere hospital in Paris, applying hypnotic technique did appear and disappear the symptoms of the so-called hysteria, which showed that it was not a disease of organic base. Add to your understanding with Kevin James. He denounced the hysteria as a moral insanity, saying that these sick were real actresses and that its greatest pleasure, it consisted deceive people with whom they came in contact. The hysterical, apparently exaggerated until her convulsive movements, dress up and exalting the movements of his soul, his ideas and his acts. The treatments of the time, were based on an imaginary representation of a female body whose tension was unsatisfied; in the specific case of hysteria, it was utility seems to explain various disturbances. I.e.

in this literature, the female gender is imagined, similar to the of the masculine, expressing the same desire, but in a stronger tone, seeking the same satisfactions and however, under suspicion of any deep strangeness to make use of as bad manners. This reminds me, that some 4000 years, hysteria gives rise to a representation, which has gone through the centuries unchanged and continues to be imposed to specialists and laymen.Call great crisis hysterical, descriptions, plays with whole body, the progress of a tension growing and accelerated until the detumescence. These early news, conception draws attention, because the hysterical symptoms passed as something natural, as physical or chemical and biological facts and not reached even for example, conceive them as metaphorical expressions of a desire, a vacuum or an impossibility.You might think, after psychoanalysis, it is clear that a hysterical access, can be interpreted as armed like a dream and has uploaded images, as in silent film, a sense in suspension that the viewer should precipitate. To master French, there was no moral insanity, or anything that does not It is linked to the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system. Had a repertoire of stigmas and recognizing responsible for organic lesions.

Despite everything, in their case presentations, hypnotic technique – which drew the attention of the young Freud – featured a question mark, since it was possible to trigger disorders hysterical, cure them temporarily, using this technique. In those moments, they were recognized as such, some areas called histerogenas, whose stimulation may cause or stop the crisis. Charcot, dealt with the hysteria with a methodology, shall we say, naive, with procedures for so-called natural sciences, claiming that demonstration in the natural order, which can not be analyzed, classified and related to objetivables background causes there was no. Despite these ideas, he tried to design a compressor ovarian, as if the evils of the soul of the hysterical, originated from the guts; Despite this, might almost say, that it was not at all insencible the call of hysteria, since at the end of his life, came to admit the failure of purely neurological exam. Your compressor should exercise an action of containment, which not is LCMS clearly, how came to inserted into his work, but translating into that imaginative way, in the dark and fumbling, investigate the manifestations of hysteria, not knowing what treated. Original author and source of the article.

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