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Stay Alert in the Legal Realm

During special events may be stopping vehicles outside of fixed positions to test driving and registration documents, as well as documents on the consignment. Prohibited to stop vehicles unless necessary. The driver, who knows these rules, will feel in a conversation with the inspector dps much confident and the first thing to ask the inspector, it is the reason for stopping (unless, of course, not stopped at a stationary post DPS). Not be amiss, too, have on hand the document – it is clearly stated, how and what to do dps officer in a particular situation. 3. If you can – take to the road recorder and a camera (you can use a mobile phone camera, if its parameters allow you to do distinguishable images). Keep them alert and, depending on your situation, use. 4. Keep a pen and paper, where you can write to the inspector, who, in your view, had exceeded his authority. Each dps inspector carrying duty, must have a chest token, the number which you can later identify the employee. For more specific information, check out actress. Often difficult to make out the first words spoken to the driver (and this is the fulfillment of the Inspector responsibilities are clearly and distinctly imagine) but about the handwriting in the record to say is no longer necessary. In addition, you are entitled, and the traffic police have to produce on request a service identity, from which you can also get the necessary information (of course, writing it in the notebook is available at hand). 5.

If you are not traveling alone and it came to drawing up a report with which you disagree, want to record the details of your witness (es). Required, even if your companion is a close relative. Once again – the court will evaluate the evidence in totality. The above recommendations will certainly not protect you from illegal actions by officials, designed to ensure order on the roads. My primary goal as a lawyer – to instill in you a little confidence, “lay” sequence of actions that is universal for any situation. Remember that your goal – the maximum record for all time “communication” of the circumstances that subsequently can be regarded as evidence of your innocence. Maintain consistency and composure during the conversation, no matter how ridiculous you have not seemed the charges. Take a “timeout” for online consultation with a lawyer on the phone. Clearly set out their claims, in case of failure to meet them – note this in the protocol. Do not engage in legal discussions with staff, remember that you have with them have different goals. Especially do not try to “play” in the judicial process in place. Along with This, I note that in any structure is as “good” and “bad” as decent and not very much. Also the drivers. Think about how, with what face almost any staff dps on their work, especially in days of the seasons and changing weather conditions. Therefore, in any situation you will have a much greater chance of a successful outcome, particularly if we see a man behind him – an employee.

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