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Exoticism In The Cardboard Tray – All Worth Knowing Of The Curry Sausage

New book to the favourite of the Germans appeared on the 15th of August the Deutsches Currywurst Museum opened in Berlin on September 4 it’s been exactly 60 years that the food operator Herta Heuwer in Berlin the first Curry sausage fried and go every year around 800 million Curry sausages over the counter in […]

Plantanas –

The secret is the right mix of Plantanas, the young and exclusive brand for the modern tea lovers! By fine plantations tees about outlandish Rooibos, fruit, green tea and herbal blends… First class teas are a pleasure and a special luxury which, if any, can be found only very rarely. The philosophy of Plantanas is […]

Variant Varieties

The special wine like red wine grape varieties who goes to the supermarket, can also find a very good wine. So the different varieties can be but here according to the quality levels quickly distinguished wine, which are offered. The red wine grape varieties, is detected by, which wine will be offered lovely or dry. […]

The Minced

You need 200 g minced meat, tomato, a pack of puff pastry for the great recipe, something Olive oil, salt and pepper, an onion, some ketchup. You have all the ingredients together, so it can go. There is a trick for the recipes with the puff pastry. You should let him defrost something, then he […]

Cream Tiramisu Recipe

Italian seduction tiramisu cream simply fantastically delicious tiramisu is a very tasty dessert in the preparation, in the taste. It takes a little time, if you would like to prepare yourself. But it is worth. You can prepare a good surprise for the visit with tiramisu. And a cup of coffee, it is so nice […]

Clemens Baader

Even who just is to reduce his weight, the Christmas goose on the hips and the good intentions of Sylvester in the head, can you “lean cuisine” without bad certain feast. And without any loss in relation to good taste. A win not only for the guests. Also in some restaurant, so the one or […]

Northern Italy

-Grenache Noir important French red wine vine, which is grown throughout southern France and in Spain (as Garnacha). Grenache Main ingredient in Chateauneuf du-Pape and Cote du Rhone. The wine from Grenache is usually alcohol with peppery, fruity taste. -Merlot Merlot is a valuable French red wine grape and an important partner of the blend […]

Hermitage Wines

Negroamaro is used mostly for blending wines, but also for varietal wines and provides excellent fruity, strong alcohol and long-lasting red wines. -Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is one of the best and noblest red wine grapes in the world. She is responsible for the fine, heavenly scented and very sensual red wines of Burgundy. In […]