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Exoticism In The Cardboard Tray – All Worth Knowing Of The Curry Sausage

New book to the favourite of the Germans appeared on the 15th of August the Deutsches Currywurst Museum opened in Berlin on September 4 it’s been exactly 60 years that the food operator Herta Heuwer in Berlin the first Curry sausage fried and go every year around 800 million Curry sausages over the counter in Germany. This circulating various stories about the discovery of the Currywurst, profess to be the favorite of German citizens again prominent. Reason enough for the journalist Marc Reisner, to embark on the track of the coveted food. Real-estate developer is full of insight into the issues. The result is the book “Currywurst everything you need to know”. With a wink, but quite seriously, and after thorough research the author among other things reported as the best Currywurst has to be constructed. Other topics: how healthy or unhealthy a Currywurst is actually? Why competitors such as doner, hamburger and pizza don’t manage to expire the rank of the Currywurst. Snack, canteen, restaurant where the Curry sausage tastes the best. Curry sausage and culture There is no contradiction.

To do this, there are many photos, boxes and tables, among other things with information about sausage production and snack jargon, interviews and a test of finished products. “Despite the importance of the Curry sausage in our daily life hardly nutritious literature can be found about them. I wanted to change it “, explains Reisner, why he has taken the first somewhat bizarre-seeming project. Anyway, the result is exciting and very entertaining reads a must-have for any true fan of the Currywurst. “Currywurst everything one needs to know”, Marc Reisner, Norderstedt 2009, 152 S., 19,90 euros, ISBN 978-383709-871-6 Marc Reisner

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