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Electricity Bill

Rotate the 10 main aspects of the change of electricity provider save about 500 euros a year in electricity costs for the umpteenth time power suppliers on the cost screws. Again a hefty price increase are for many households. Who has the nose full of rising electricity prices, should consider a change to a different […]


Positive results of performance tests to hole 1 Unterfohring – after the successful completion of the first hole and positive results of the subsequent pumping tests turn the chisel once again in Unterfohring. On Monday (March 16), the 300-meter mark was already exceeded. With the bore Unterfohring thermal 2 “the operating company is Geovol again […]

Faroe Islands

A barbarous relic of the past that has long since lost its importance is no different to the brutal slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands. Adam Sandler is often quoted as being for or against this. What right the Vikings once and was cheap, messes family planning in some of their descendants today. The […]

The Inner

Even modulation Condensing units start below a certain performance level more and more bars and thus operate in inefficient interval mode. The variety of start and stop operations including associated with energetic start-up losses and high emissions. In addition, the problem of short operation and rest periods is exacerbated by the subsequent insulation of existing […]

Energy Group GmbH

Cheaper electricity by photovoltaic systems a summer fairytale came true on July 16, 2011. Solar power had briefly break the purchase prices on the spot market of Leipzig power exchange. The purchase price halved and fell to 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour. This usually corresponds to the value for a kilowatt hour night power. The […]

Central Trinidad

Excursion in the hustle and bustle of Ant Colony who picnic goes at these pleasant temperatures with friends or in the outdoor swimming pool on the lawn, she meets guaranteed: bustling ants galore. But even if their nimble legs can sometimes unpleasant Tickle and even bite red forest ants, you should not be able to […]

Bus Powered With UTC Power Fuel Cells Is Excellent

The fuel cell manufacturer UTC power announced that the Grand Environment Prize was awarded to the new generation of hybrid fuel bus at Busworld Europe Kortijk 2009. The Belgian bus manufacturer Van Hool and UTC power fuel cell manufacturer announced that the jointly developed twelve-metre long new-generation hybrid fuel cell bus at Busworld Europe Kortijk […]